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Web 2.0 may not be evil after all…

OK — I have to admit that I’ve long been more than a bit sceptical about social networks and the whole web 2.0 fad.  Mainly, I’ve long suspected that there is a direct and inverse relationship between how quick and easy it is to broadcast

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Have you ever been ‘sheeped’?

OK–advance discalimer–this is not a post about fraternity hazing. I read Haruki Murakami’s A Wild Sheep Chase a few months ago and the striking images and unsettling moods evoked by this novel have continued coming to mind ever since. Like one of the characters from

Presidential campaigns go graphic

  OK, I got started on this thread by looking at an interesting post on Book Patrol about John McCain’s reading habits.  I did a bit of searching loosely centered around the topic of the presidential candidates and books, and before you know it I

Top three ways to get from to Nigeria

1. I didn’t realize it last week, but for me the next few days were going to revolve around Nigeria. Before last week, if someone mentioned Nigeria to me, sadly, the first thing that would pop to mind was usually credit card fraud. 2. With

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Confessions of a negligent hop farmer

The last book I bought on was The Homebrewer’s Garden. This time of year I love nothing better than watching hops grow. I’m convinced that if I had the patience or the time I could actually see the vine moving during peak growth. A

BiblioWorks hires new project coordinator

We are delighted to announce that BiblioWorks has hired Matthew Lynn to lead our library projects in Bolivia. Matthew takes over this position from Megan Sherar who has worked for the past three years to build and develop seven community libraries in the impoverished rural