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RIP e-readers: 2010 – 2010?

Echoing a few of our earlier sentiments on why the Kindle would go the way of the dodo (which is, by the way, what the birds in the header of our blog are – because we’re in the printed book industry ourselves), Kit Eaton at

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Amazon sued over Kindle

The Discovery Channel is suing Amazon over the Kindle for patent infringement, claiming they invented the concept of encrypting a book to be sold digitally over the internet. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know I’m usually the dorky uncle wearing the

Kindle is Heir-Apparent to Betamax

They really just don’t get it. In a move to prevent the possibility that someone could use the Kindle to buy e-books from (gasp!) a retailer other than Amazon, the same had its attorneys contact MobileRead and demand that they remove some user posted scripts