RIP e-readers: 2010 – 2010?

Echoing a few of our earlier sentiments on why the Kindle would go the way of the dodo (which is, by the way, what the birds in the header of our blog are – because we’re in the printed book industry ourselves), Kit Eaton at FastCompany is calling 2010 the one and only year of the e-reader because of the upcoming generation of tablet Mac/PCs.

I couldn’t agree more: I want less gadgets in my life, not more.  Why don’t people wear watches any more?  Carry PDAs?

8 thoughts on “RIP e-readers: 2010 – 2010?”

  1. Diana Raabe says:

    Aren’t the tablet PCs backlit? The e-readers offer a completely different screen from a PC that is much healthier for (and easier on!) the eyes.

    I have to sit on the fence regarding the e-readers, in part because of the up-and-coming readers I’ve been hearing about. Having said that, I do believe the current generation of e-readers will be replaced – although not necessarily by tablets.

  2. Karl_ says:

    I am a computer nerd and am electronically equipped like a Martian. I received an eReader as a gift from my son, the best gift I have ever received.

    The non-aggressive characteristics of the eReader screen are exceptional. I can read for hours without tiring my eyes. Note that I have all kinds of gadgets to accomplish other electronic tasks.

    For the time being, I appreciate that gift very much.

  3. Kendra Wastun says:

    Ummm! I carry a PDA and wear a watch. However, I think the main reason that people don’t wear watches or carry PDA’s anymore is not because they have become less electronic. I believe it is because now you can have all your electronics in one package with the new generation of do everything for you cell phones. They make calls, play music, surf the web, keep your calendar, play games, and tell time. I do know that most of the people I know with Blackberrys and iPhones are reading e-books on their phones. I read mine on my PDA.

  4. Kim Furman says:

    I must say nobody will ever catch me reading any book unless it is paperback or hard cover, the way reading was meant to be.

    I am only 33 I am not someone who is like my dad, over 65 and barely knows how to turn a computer on and the only technology he owns besides TV,DVD player and microwave is his very simple cell phone. I actually spend a large amount of time online. I belong to groups & forums on topics varying widely from the many interests I have some of the tops being a work at home mom, selling online, saving money etc. I also obviously (selling online) spend much time online advertising and listing items for sale etc.

    When it comes time to read I absolutely do not want to stare at the computer screen any longer for something I can lay down on the couch wrapped up in a nice blanket with my drink and a snack and be comfortable. Not to mention I find the act of reading itself very relaxing…. when it is a book. Don’t get me wrong I love reading blogs, articles, news stories, even love reading and joining in on twitter BUT it is a completely different feeling all together compared to the relaxation and time I enjoy sitting down with a good book.

    I am also one of those people who love the smell of books. I know it sounds weird, but especially old books. I used to sell on Amazon and it was so hard to part with a lot of the books. I still have thousands of books in my house going back to the 1800’s all the way to new books (yes I probably need to sell off a lot in case we ever have a fire the house would go up in 2 seconds with all the books in here).
    I even have old textbooks, really really old. One of my favorite is a small really old history textbook that was just all about George Washington. Besides the book itself I love the notes in it. I love how the handwriting of the previous users of the book years and years ago is so neat compared to today among other things.

    Another favorite is old cook books. I hate to cook too is the funny part. However I absolutely adore old cookbooks that were put together by churches or classes in schools. They always in addition to interesting recipes (which I pass onto my darling honey who is the cook of the house, see its not always the woman who cooks in the home). Anyways in addition to the recipes in these books there are always either beautiful drawings, or sometimes very humorous drawings and also quotes and notes added to the books by the people who included their recipes.

    Okay I have gone on forever. Once you get me talking/typing I don’t stop. Especially when it comes to something I love. Like the topic of books, yes books the kind you put on your shelves, save for years, sit and read and flip through the pages and get a certain kind of relaxation and peacefulness you just are never going to get reading a book on any kind of new technology.

    Just my two cents and then some.
    Mom of 3 in FL and Book Lover!

  5. kiwi davy says:

    I just love the feel of a book in the hand, and to read. Old fashioned … can be … also collect lps … not because they sound better, just like to own. and collect , and look over them( happens far too little ). Love to go horizontal and zone out wi a good book, not some gizmo. Not anti-electronics ( have ioniser in big room) just fussy as to what i need, and what i want . Clear as to what is fashion, clutter . My book shelves are a mess though , yes …. so hard to get front layer away , which hide those in the back .
    One day some day ….

    Leaders read and readers Lead

    going to go and lie down some , wi ….

    Kiwi Davy

  6. Meredith says:

    Interesting discussion! I never thought I’d go for anything other than hardcover books for a long time but I’m a computer geek and have been known to read a book on my iPhone. It’s an aerobic finger exercise but it sure is convenient. Amazon brought out the Kindle app for the Mac now, and it works flawlessly.

    My iPad is on order and one of the reasons is that I’m sure I’ll love reading books on it.

    Who’d have thought?


  7. Mary says:

    In my living room, I have one shelf that is all white books. Another has deep browns and wines, topped with a row of caramel, then a row of buff. I love arranging books by size, color, or publisher. My way of reading includes reading multiple books at one sitting-passing from one to another. A chapter of a novel, a recipe, a craft, a poem,…
    E-readers and Kindles can replace a book for some people, but most of us love our libraries and collections as a whole and don’t really think in terms of one book at a time.
    I hope the children now could have the same wonderful experiences with books and libraries that I had when young.

  8. gavin says:

    Books are just ink, paper and glue. The important thing is their words. Physical books slow down the acquisition of thought and ideas. Its like trying to commute to work on a horse because one `likes the old fashioned feeling` of it. Its a novelty to be tried on a vacation, but not for 99% of your life.

    An intelligent person should forgo a paper book whenever possible, IE when it has been digitized. If you don’t have an e-reader, get one. And better yet, get audio books. They allow the transmission of ideas faster.

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