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Big Box Brick and Mortar Singin’ the Blues

Last week, Barnes & Noble CEO Leonard Riggio released sang a dire song for his employees, citing: Never in all of the years I’ve been in business have I seen a worse outlook for the economy. And never in all my years as a bookseller

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Look Homeward, Bibliophile

Not so long ago, I wrote about Asheville’s penchant for books. (For those who don’t already know, Biblio.com is based in beautiful Asheville, NC – home of Thomas Wolfe). Over the past weekend, our local newspaper, the Asheville Citizen-Times, just happened to run a story

Of Books and Backaches

Pazzo Books (a longtime bookseller with Biblio.com) has a great tipsheet for moving a bookstore over at the Bookshop Blog. Probably many of us in the book trade can sympathize with Tom, having endured this pain at some point, or at least dreaded it. Usually,