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Presidential campaigns go graphic

  OK, I got started on this thread by looking at an interesting post on Book Patrol about John McCain’s reading habits.  I did a bit of searching loosely centered around the topic of the presidential candidates and books, and before you know it I

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Tips for Saving Money on Textbooks

I was once a poor student like yourself. To save up enough cash for Ramen noodles, a Netflix subscription and tickets to my favorite music venues, I had to get pretty creative with my textbook expenses. What I learned is that there are plenty of

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More on trashing books…

One of my first college writing teachers asked us to do the following exercise: choose a page in the grammar book assigned for the course and write in a page margin the worst thing you’ve ever done, then tear out the margin where you wrote

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Look Homeward, Bibliophile

Not so long ago, I wrote about Asheville’s penchant for books. (For those who don’t already know, is based in beautiful Asheville, NC – home of Thomas Wolfe). Over the past weekend, our local newspaper, the Asheville Citizen-Times, just happened to run a story

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Written versus spoken books

I had a chat the other day with a colleague about audio books. It turns out we’re both longtime listeners to books on tape, and now books on CD. I got started years ago when my job required a longish commute, and I tired of