Presidential campaigns go graphic


OK, I got started on this thread by looking at an interesting post on Book Patrol about John McCain’s reading habits.  I did a bit of searching loosely centered around the topic of the presidential candidates and books, and before you know it I had found this on the LA Times blog:

IDW Publishing, a comics company best known for horror titles (most notably “30 Days of Night”) and adaptations of movies and television shows, is going into the beltway world by publishing “Presidential Material: Barack Obama” and “Presidential Material: John McCain,” a pair of graphic novels that chronicle the life of the two men who both want to be riding on Air Force One for four years. (full post)

I have to admit that I am curious enough to think about buying one (or two) of these, but I also can’t help thinking that this whole concept is a bit like the Librarian Action Figure — just without the irony…

It’s really hard to see this working except as satire, and that really doesn’t seem to be what they are after. Who can blame them for being a bit gushy after the New Yorker’s recent public tongue lashing. But who knows–maybe this really is the year that young voters get serious about engaging in politics.  Politics is certainly getting serious about engaging with them.

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