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Books as contraband?

So, what really happens if CPSIA isn’t overturned? Those books you read and loved as a kid? Gone. Osbolete. Illegal, in fact. Books as contraband? Yes.

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CPSIA, Schmipsia – Who cares?

Childrens’ book author Carol Baicker-McKee does.  She is doing what many others should be doing – taking an activist approach to the unfortunate CPSIA bill and putting a little heart and soul (and sweat) behind it. She’s devoted most of her blog recently to covering

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Selling Used Childrens’ Books Is Not a Crime!

Many of us in the US book selling community have been concerned about recent legislation that was intended to offer new safety standards for children’s products. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was created to address concerns about harmful substances, such as lead, found