American Library Association urges citizens to take action on CPSIA bill

The ALA (American Library Association) is urging citizens to take action on the CPSIA bill, and urge their representative to support the amendment recently put forward by Rep. Fortenberry of Nebraska that would exempt childrens’ books from the burdensome legislation.

The ALA has made it very easy – please take a moment now to use their action form to send a letter to your representative.  Even if you’re not a librarian or a bookseller, this exemption is in everyone’s interests (almost everyone’s!): to preserve affordable access to books for our children.

One thought on “American Library Association urges citizens to take action on CPSIA bill”

  1. Carol Baicker-McKee says:


    This law will not go away without pressure from us, and so many things of value to kids (things that are perfectly safe to boot) will be lost.

    If you want a fact sheet about the safety and value of vintage books to forward to your congressmen, you can find one I’ve prepared at

    There’s also more info on CPSIA and books at,, and my blog,

    While you’re talking to your congressmen, please put in a word for all the other safe products and businesses affected by this law: see for more info and links.

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