What I really think of the Kindle…

It’s time to confess: I’ve been “playing nice” during the recent explosion in e-reader popularity. I smile politely when someone mentions how they were reading the latest release on their Kindle. I’ve even been so kind as to re-post e-reader news in my Twitter account. We’re in the book industry together, folks, so we should all just get along, right?

It stops now.

While I recognize that e-readers are a fascinating technological advancement and, according to one friend, “pretty neat-o,” I still happily live in my 700 square-foot house with my print book “roommates” stacked from floor to ceiling. Nothing can replace the smell of a library book sale find, the feeling of a fine leather first edition, the look of a Rackham color print illustration, or the laughter of my son as he discovers the thrill of a tab in a pop-up book.

And while I’m a pretty subdued person, I get my own thrills from watching these guys do what I’ve wanted to do ever since I first held a Kindle in my hand:

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