Google Suppresses Books Mentioning the Confederacy

436966010.0.mIn response to the recent tragedy in Charleston and subsequent (and just) calls to remove the confederate flag from public buildings and monuments, Google last week announced it was jumping on the growing bandwagon of corporations that are pulling merchandise featuring the confederate flag from their shelves. For Google, this means automatically disapproving these “product listing ads” that are uploaded to its popular shopping portal by individual online retailers.

Unfortunately, in their panicked scramble it looks as if Google pulled out a chainsaw instead of a scalpel, and has begun automatically disallowing a large number of book listings that contain the word “confederate” in the title or description. Or perhaps – conspiratorially thinking – Google has decided it’s more convenient to just disappear this sad part of American history through censorship. And don’t doubt for a minute that they can.

Just a few of the “offensive” books that you will no longer be seeing advertised through Google’s shopping portal as a result of this change include:

Author’s note: Just to make our stance unequivocal: we fully support the removal of what has become a symbol of hatred and injustice from all public buildings, monuments and places.

8 thoughts on “Google Suppresses Books Mentioning the Confederacy”

  1. Jim Kress says:

    “In response to the recent tragedy in Charleston and subsequent (and just) calls to remove the confederate flag ”
    There is nothing “just” about altering History.

  2. Lauren says:

    This is outright censorship! It is unconstitutional, banning freedom of speech, and expression. And we are erasing a part of our history! Why not ban Trail of Tears too? Bury my Heart at Wounded Knee? Let’s not have any books on WW II either.

  3. C Simpson says:

    Isn’t it wonderful that America has never had a war between the states or any unpleasantness at all in its history? I feel so blessed to live in this progressive, liberal, perpetually harmonious union, free of the horror of variations in beliefs, opinions, lifestyles, and conflict of any kind. Let us now celebrate our independence from diversity and pay our allegiance to the wondrous government- and media-sanctioned uniformity that has made this country the paradise it is and has always been for all within its shores. Let us sing praises that our hearts have never been burdened with injustice or intolerance and rejoice in the peace and innocence that this great nation has basked in for all its days. Let freedom ring!

  4. Jeff says:

    I just did a search on Google Books for the word “Confederacy.” It returned 4.12 MILLION results. I don’t see how this is “suppression”.

    This is either an outright lie, a misrepresentation of the facts, or sensationalist CLAPTRAP. Whoever posted this should be ashamed of himself. At least have the guts to post your name.


  5. William says:

    I find it odd to think that it is just to remove flags from war memorials. Such notions are what drive the censorship that google is perpetrating.

  6. gail baker says:

    Censorship in all its glory , no thanks i don’t believe in being told what i can read and what i can’t i think i’ll spend my money elsewhere.

  7. Steve Lafreniere says:

    I just ran some of these titles through Google Shopping (which is, I assume, what the author is referring to by “its popular shopping portal”). All except one are listed for sale. So I’m not sure what your source is on this story.

  8. Joan Hough says:

    Another version of BOOK BURNING! This latest, anti-intellectual, anti-South, anti-truth effort is reminiscent of the Bible Burnings and tracings, the, library –and church destroying efforts of Invading “Union” troops during the north’s War against Southern liberty. (Is the word “Southern” also banned?)

    But we must pretend none of this ever happened. It is politically incorrect to recall Yankee troops having orgies in churches and burning them. We must not remember Yankees digging up Southern dead folks in church cemeteries, stabling horses in churches (filling up churches with manure), stealing alter cloths and chalices, and beating up preachers and priests, We must never remember Yankees attacking, raping, torturing, killing of the South’s women and little children– black women and white women-black kids and white kids. Nobody must remember that Lincoln’s soldiers-even -left a pile of fifteen dead black females in one big sexual incident. Above all we must not tell anyone the truth–that the Republican Congress voted for and sent out for ratification the first 12th amendment offering the right of FOREVER SLAVE HOLDING to the Southern states if the South would stay in the Union and pay the tariff guaranteed to bankrupt even every owner of a little farm.

    Can brainwashed Americans ever realize how Marxist all of this latest episode of race baiting is? That old black magic is again being employed to get the proletariats (the blacks) at war with the bourgeois (the white Southerners) –just as was done by the Republicans, the New England Yankees, and Karl Marx.’s 1848ers. But of course, the very Republicans who helped put Obama in office will save us all and will save the U.S. government–just as Republicans supposedly saved the “Voluntary” Union during the Republicans’ War of Northern Aggression.

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