Introducing BookGilt – A New Metasearch for Antiquarian Books

As some of you may remember, Biblio cut its teeth as a metasearch named SearchBiblio in the early oughts. Unfortunately, when we launched in 2003, it demanded all of our attention and so the meta search was shuttered.

Until now.

We’re pleased to [quietly] announce the launch of our new metasearch for rare and antiquarian books: BookGilt. Designed from the ground with ease of use, simplicity in mind, it searches most major antiquarian book marketplaces and boasts a responsive design (which is geektalk for “it looks and works really well on your smartphone or mobile device”).

In the coming months, we will be introducing many new features which will make this a truly unique and useful tool in the Bibliophile’s toolbox. (But we can’t tell you quite yet what they are….)

In the meantime, though, we hope you will try it out and give us feedback and ideas so we can continue to improve the service for you.

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