What books did Blackbeard read?

The news of the discovery of book fragments on the Queen Anne’s Revenge – the flagship of the infamous Captain Blackbeard – has been making the rounds. The bits of pages were discovered in a sludge on the sunken ship and have been analyzed by

William Hunter’s Library: the Shapes of Books - University of Glasgow

The Shapes and Sizes of Books

Jasna Zwimpfer writes about the cataloging of the books in a special collection at the University of Glasgow Library in their article “William Hunter’s Library: the Shapes of Books” “We consulted some of Hunter’s books in Special Collections to answer queries which emerged during our work.

Bookish News: BiblioWorks!

BiblioWorks is raising money for their annual literacy festival, Sucre Reads! Every dollar helps to purchase books, to get transportation for students to visit the city in the festival, and to make sure that everyone learns more about the love of reading. Even if you

Bookish News: Farewell, 2016!

“My love affair with used bookstores” by Ron Grossman in the Chicago Tribune Remembering Vera Rubin – the pioneering astrophysicist who confirmed the existence of dark matter passed away on Christmas day. Her life and contributions to the future of women in science are featured

Bookish News: December 2016- The Gift Guide Edition

Books Tell You Why offers some assistance with “Children’s Books: A Gift-Giving Guide.” This handy list includes suggestions for infants, children, teachers, and adults. If you know a bookish someone on your list, but you don’t want to presume to know what book they might