Monthly Archives: June 2008

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More Geek, please

Something tragic happened today. Today, I took a test and failed. It was the Geek Test. Yes, that is what it’s called. The Geek Test. No frills, just 17 mini-sections of questions designed to pick apart your brain. Okay, I didn’t really fail, because, how

Top three ways to get from to Nigeria

1. I didn’t realize it last week, but for me the next few days were going to revolve around Nigeria. Before last week, if someone mentioned Nigeria to me, sadly, the first thing that would pop to mind was usually credit card fraud. 2. With

Steal this e-book

I’ve never liked the idea of electronic text as a replacement for the printed book. I borrowed a Kindle e-book reader from a friend recently, and whether of not it was my prejudice, I found it pretty much a neat toy, but not a viable

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New issue of BiblioUnbound is out!

The June issue of BiblioUnbound, our customer e-zine, was released today. This month, we focused on the paperback: why we love it, why we hate it, how to collect it and preserve it. It was a really fun issue to put together, and I hope

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Turn books into a different kind of art?

When my friend saw online instructions for a project turning an old book cover into a purse and asked for my help I thought it was a fairly clever idea. We found some pretty book covers on hardbacks that weren’t worth much as books anymore,

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The Spies of Warsaw

I just got my copy of Alan Furst’s new novel, The Spies of Warsaw. There are only a handful of authors whose next work I actively pine for, but Furst is definitely at the top of the list. He refers to his series of Night

Of Books and Backaches

Pazzo Books (a longtime bookseller with has a great tipsheet for moving a bookstore over at the Bookshop Blog. Probably many of us in the book trade can sympathize with Tom, having endured this pain at some point, or at least dreaded it. Usually,

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Summer gardening

I love helping things grow. I admit it, I’m a pretty superficial gardener. I like to grow things you can eat. If you can’t eat it, but it grows large (sunflowers, gourds, and pumpkins and such – no one at my house eats pumpkins), that’s

Declining economy = increasing readership?

According to a brief article in the Chicago Post-Tribune, libraries in Lake County and Porter County Illinois are seeing a surge in circulations and a rise in patronage, owing, in part to the current economy. Its terrific to hear news such as this, since libraries

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Confessions of a negligent hop farmer

The last book I bought on was The Homebrewer’s Garden. This time of year I love nothing better than watching hops grow. I’m convinced that if I had the patience or the time I could actually see the vine moving during peak growth. A