More Geek, please

Something tragic happened today.

Today, I took a test and failed. It was the Geek Test. Yes, that is what it’s called. The Geek Test. No frills, just 17 mini-sections of questions designed to pick apart your brain. Okay, I didn’t really fail, because, how the heck can you fail a test which asks you questions to determine the strength of your inner nerd? However, I scored 40.828%–equal to a “Major Geek.”

I’m not even halfway to full Geek potential. The questions included your personal movie collection, instruments played, Star Trek movies watched, computer programming, pets named after scientists, the number of pocket protectors owned, etc. I was delighted to take a test where I could remind myself of all these things that I enjoy doing–computer programming, defeating comrades at Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, using the word “comrades” to describe my friends, reading Nabokov companion books for fun, discussing comic books vs. graphic novels. I felt like I was overflowing with geekiness, a fountain of useless knowledge gathered over years of pop culture and tech developments. My job–Support Supervisor for a website–does it not scream Geek? I excitedly checked each answer, rushing through the quiz, even picking up an extra 1% advantage for being a female.

And there it was: my lousy 40.828%.

Perhaps it was my lack of beta software testing, or the fact that I haven’t played every Final Fantasy video game made, but a little piece of me was actually disappointed.

And then I realized there were more important things to life than defining myself as a Geek, like the fact that my son was happily waiting for me to pick him up from school and take him to the park. To some people, I’m still cool.

You can take the quiz here.

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