Top three ways to get from to Nigeria

Uwem Akpan\'s Say You\'re One of Them 1. I didn’t realize it last week, but for me the next few days were going to revolve around Nigeria. Before last week, if someone mentioned Nigeria to me, sadly, the first thing that would pop to mind was usually credit card fraud.

2. With that unhappy association in mind, I was delighted when a wonderful film –The Vistor– turned me onto a Nigerian musician named Fela Kuti. Now when someone says ‘Nigeria’ my fears of fraudulent credit card transactions spilling through Biblio’s defenses have a pleasing afrobeat soundtrack. One of Fela Kuti’s albums -Open & Close- has now been added to our office playlist, and it got a good workout last week.

3. As one of the infectious guitar riffs from Fela Kuti’s music rattled in my head, I stumbled across an article about expanding its book coverage. Clicking around, I quickly landed on a book review that was too timely to ignore. I had found the third route from to Nigeria, and I knew I had to add Uwem Akpan’s Say You’re One of Them to my reading list.

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