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What books did Blackbeard read?

The news of the discovery of book fragments on the Queen Anne’s Revenge – the flagship of the infamous Captain Blackbeard – has been making the rounds. The bits of pages were discovered in a sludge on the sunken ship and have been analyzed by

William Hunter’s Library: the Shapes of Books - University of Glasgow

The Shapes and Sizes of Books

Jasna Zwimpfer writes about the cataloging of the books in a special collection at the University of Glasgow Library in their article “William Hunter’s Library: the Shapes of Books” “We consulted some of Hunter’s books in Special Collections to answer queries which emerged during our work.

Bookish News: November 16, 2016

A rare book from Boston’s Northeastern University archives has been selected for inclusion in an ‘illuminated manuscripts’ display. Northeastern’s con­tri­bu­tion is a Dominican Prayer Book. The palm-sized book has over 500 pages in handwritten Latin.  It shall be included in the “Beyond Words: Illu­mi­nated Man­u­scripts

Happy Holidays – Facebook Giveaway!

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