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When I’m not reading a book, odds are I’m reading a blog. Here’s some of my favorite book-related blogs and websites these days:

Letters with Character: Have you ever finished a book and found yourself angry at the main character, or bemused by a background character that you wanted to get to know more? If you have ever wished that you had a way to vent your spleen to the characters whose lives you have voyeuristically consumed, stand strong, my friend.  You aren’t alone…so go ahead and write Frodo a warning about Gandalf’s intentions, or try to convince Belle Watling that all Rhett Butler needs is a tight corset and just go and see what other bibliophiles have to say about your favorite books.

52 Stories: Each week, a piping hot short story is delivered to this great site, as well as delivered directly to your email address should you choose to sign up. Currently showing is Neil Gaiman’s “The Truth is a Cave in the Black Mountains.”  Harper Collins is behind this delightful service, which began last year.  The theme for 2010 is “Discovery.”

BibliOdyssey: This blog is amazing – it is a regularly updated collection of high quality scans of book illustrations covering a wide spectrum of styles and topics. Offering a book with the same title, author PK described it as “eclectic and rare book illustrations derived from many digital repositories, accompanied by some background commentary…from astronomy to zoology and from Art Nouveau to the Renaissance.” I call it eye-candy for my daily news feed.

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