CPSIA, Schmipsia – Who cares?

Childrens’ book author Carol Baicker-McKee does.  She is doing what many others should be doing – taking an activist approach to the unfortunate CPSIA bill and putting a little heart and soul (and sweat) behind it.

She’s devoted most of her blog recently to covering CPSIA as it related to childrens’ books – well worth a read.  Especially, her chronicle of attempting to sway powerful Washington policy makers and advisors, and the outline of the speech she recently made at the anti-CPSIA rally in Washington. Thank you, Carol, for your dedication and hard work!

Meanwhile, we at Biblio also urge you to support literacy and consider writing your representative (form provided by the American Library Association) to ask that they support legislation that would amend CPSIA to exempt books from its purvue.

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