Web 2.0 may not be evil after all…

Library opening in SopachuyOK — I have to admit that I’ve long been more than a bit sceptical about social networks and the whole web 2.0 fad.  Mainly, I’ve long suspected that there is a direct and inverse relationship between how quick and easy it is to broadcast any old thought that pops into your head and the value usefulness of the communication that ensues.  (Twitter is the posterboy for my point here.)

I have given it an honest try though, and I have at times enjoyed using Facebook and connecting with old friends. But what really made me question my prejudice about web 2.0 was using causes on Facebook.  Brendan started a cause on Facebook to support BiblioWorks.  Within a few hours we had a couple of donations and dozens of members. Over a couple of days the number of members had grown to over 100.  People connected with our organization in three different locations started posting links and content to the cause–suddenly we had a completely new outlet to spread the word about our work.  That’s pretty cool….

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