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Top three ways to get from to Nigeria

1. I didn’t realize it last week, but for me the next few days were going to revolve around Nigeria. Before last week, if someone mentioned Nigeria to me, sadly, the first thing that would pop to mind was usually credit card fraud. 2. With

Steal this e-book

I’ve never liked the idea of electronic text as a replacement for the printed book. I borrowed a Kindle e-book reader from a friend recently, and whether of not it was my prejudice, I found it pretty much a neat toy, but not a viable

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Summer gardening

I love helping things grow. I admit it, I’m a pretty superficial gardener. I like to grow things you can eat. If you can’t eat it, but it grows large (sunflowers, gourds, and pumpkins and such – no one at my house eats pumpkins), that’s

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Spam for breakfast

It’s the beginning of the work day, and the first job for the day is going through the hundreds of new emails to get rid of spam.  The volume of Spam email that manages to get through the spam filters is amazing.  I’ve become a

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Where has all the Sci-Fi gone?

First off, a confession. I grew up reading science fiction, and have read lots of it. There are different types of reading. I’ve read a lot of non-fiction for strictly education purposes, because I had to, or because I was interested in the subject. I