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Book Zeitgeist

Its always fun to speculate on how an alien culture would interpret our society, with our McDonald’s arches and reality TV shows. So our search engine isn’t quite alien technology, but we thought we’d ask it what it thinks of society in 2009, by looking

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Statuettes in Sight for Movie Adaptations

Several of the 2009 Academy Award nominations include books that were adapted for the silver screen. To catch up on your winter reading before the Awards, check out these titles: Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire by Amanda Foreman: Best Art Direction & Costume The Reader by

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Fall Movie Line-up: A Literary Feast

I absolutely love the entire experience of going to movie theatres: the smell of fake butter on popcorn, the plush but squeaky seats, the adorable little lights to guide your way down the aisles, the previews, and even the ridiculously high ticket prices. Nothing can

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ReCAPTCHA’s so cool…

My afternoon has been spent trying to stop spam in’s forums. Stopping spam is usually a thankless job. Today it was fun. ReCAPTCHA is an interesting take on proving you are human. It displays two words from pages that could not be OCR’d. One

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What’s in a book?

Anyone who’s ever worked in a bookstore has stories to tell of the bizarre stuff they find in books. Sometimes you’ll find funny pictures of people in outdated clothing (usually stuck inside of yesterday’s bestseller thriller), receipts for the purchase of the book (boring), dollar

Presidential campaigns go graphic

  OK, I got started on this thread by looking at an interesting post on Book Patrol about John McCain’s reading habits.  I did a bit of searching loosely centered around the topic of the presidential candidates and books, and before you know it I

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Tips for Saving Money on Textbooks

I was once a poor student like yourself. To save up enough cash for Ramen noodles, a Netflix subscription and tickets to my favorite music venues, I had to get pretty creative with my textbook expenses. What I learned is that there are plenty of

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More Geek, please

Something tragic happened today. Today, I took a test and failed. It was the Geek Test. Yes, that is what it’s called. The Geek Test. No frills, just 17 mini-sections of questions designed to pick apart your brain. Okay, I didn’t really fail, because, how

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Turn books into a different kind of art?

When my friend saw online instructions for a project turning an old book cover into a purse and asked for my help I thought it was a fairly clever idea. We found some pretty book covers on hardbacks that weren’t worth much as books anymore,