Amazon censoring gay-themed books?

This story is still developing, but according to this PC World arcticle and other various news sources, Amazon dropped certain books from its sales rank lists over Easter weekend due to a “glitch.” Most of these, as discovered by publisher Mark Probst, were gay-themed or LGBT-classified books, igniting a widespread uproar from Amazon customers, as well as a social- and mainstream-media frenzy. Amazon has not yet commented on the situation.

2 thoughts on “Amazon censoring gay-themed books?”

  1. Tom Nealon says:

    It appears that this was unintentional – Ed Champion’s blog has been following it.

  2. catherine says:

    Yes, it was unintentional. Thanks for the follow up and link. We’ve been following closely on the media phenomenon known as #amazonfail on Twitter. However, I hold the opinion that Amazon is too big to make a mistake such as this and wait 48 hours to respond to the situation. Information, and more importantly, speculation travels much more quickly nowadays…

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