Newark needs a bookstore

The New York Times reports that in 2007, Newark, NJ “ranked last among the nation’s 69 largest cities in the number of bookstores per capita, with 15 stores for 281,000 people, or 0.53 stores per 10,000 residents.”  That sounds like an irresistible call to action for an enterprising independent bookstore owner hopeful or indy looking to expand.

For a while there, it seemed our hometown of Asheville, NC had an easy 10,000 bookstores per 0.53 residents, but that’s begun to change slightly over the past couple of years.  Seriously, off the top of my head, I can think of at least 9 in a city with a population of about 70,000, making for 1.3 stores per 10,000.  And, guess what?  Those are just the independents….

Incidentally, if Newark isn’t the place for you, but you’ve got that irrepressible urge towards brick and mortar bibliophilia, Asheville’s Reader’s Corner is for sale.  So c’mon to Asheville, folks!  We’re hospitable – we promise.  In fact, if you let an underpriced first edition sneak out on to your sales floor, we’ll even tell you about it.

After we’ve bought it.

3 thoughts on “Newark needs a bookstore”

  1. Fran O'Neill says:

    Bethel, Connecticut outdoes even the amazingly literate Asheville with 4 bookstores for a population of 18,000, or 2.2 stores per 10,000.

    All 4 are in our small downtown and once you’ve found the first one, you can easily walk to the other 3. Coffee is abundant along the path and you won’t starve unless you just can’t make up your mind between bakery goods, pizza, fresh made sandwiches, or a linen service restaurant.

  2. brendan says:

    Hi Fran!

    I’m practically sold. Small town, books, coffee, and someone to do my laundry while I sample the appetizers?!? Not to mention less-than-southern-heat? I think I’ll start planning my retirement getaway early! Can I grow berries and fruits (and fresh corn) up your way? Tell me there are no deer, raccoons, rabbits, snakes, or teenage boys to talk to my getting-close-to-teenage girls, and I’ll cash in my 401k, buy an old red pickup and be on my way….

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