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Tomorrow, May 1st, 2010, is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!fcbd-2010-logo-rectangle

Since 2002, the first Saturday in May has been celebrated as Free Comic Book Day in independent comic book stores internationally.

Don’t know where to go? You can search out your comic book crew when you check out the official website at They have a handy store locator with participating sellers searchable by zipcode.

Not every comic is free, but you won’t know what your favorite shop will have until you stop by and ask. Get your freebie, and then buy a book or two, a set of dice, and leave knowing you’ve supported your local community!

In honor of this grand festival of geekery, I present for your edification two of my favorite comic books and graphic novels.


cutterWendy and Richard Pini set my heart aflame with their Elfquest series.  The elves live, hunt, and howl with their wolves on the world of Two Moons.

This series has been a cult hit since it started in 1978.  While it is no longer being published, the fandom is strong.

To make it count for Free Comic Day, I’ll be happy to let you know that the Pinis  have every single issue available to read for free on their website in high quality detail and color:


Neil Gaiman has held goth girls in thrall since 1989 with his astoundingly tangible story that follows Morpheus, the King of Dreams, and his odd family of sandmanforces also known as the Endless. As a fan of alliteration, I must present their titles: Dream, Death, Desire, Despair, Destruction, Destiny, and Delirium (once known as Delight).

The Sandman is thickly woven with folklore and mythology from every corner of the world.  The constantly changing art styles offer  a treat for the eyes.

This is a series that I pick up and lose myself in at least once a year, and I always find something in it that I missed before. I encourage anyone with a love of STORY to pick up an issue or two, if not one of the softback collections, and enjoy them for years to come!

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