Department of Justice opens antitrust inquiry into Google – finally!

In perhaps one of the best bits of book-world news that we’ve seen in awhile, the New York Times is reporting today that the US DOJ has finally opened an antitrust inquiry into Google’s book scanning project.

For awhile, it was really looking as if Google was going to get away with breaking copyright law and creating a monopoly, as few seemed to notice the broad implications of the settlement – or care.  However, over the past few months, opposition has been steadily rising, as critics from every corner of industry and academia emerge to lambast the unfair deal.

Of course, the fight to preserve copyright protection for authors and prevent a monopoly over book distribution is far from over – but its certainly a major battle won for authors, booksellers, libraries, publishers, and readers, if not yet the war!  Now’s the time to write your letters on the case to the Department of Justice !

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