Coming May 1st – International Buy Indie Day

Author Joseph Finder is trying to get a new “holiday” on the calendar: international buy indie day.  This Friday, people everywhere are pledging to visit a local independent bookstore and make a purchase.  Here’s to hoping you’ll be one of them!

Why, you ask?  Why, because small businesses are superior to chains in nearly every way!  Whether its the economic impact, job creation, community service, or whatever else you can think of that’s vital to the community you live in, small independent businesses are better positioned to be able to deliver than your local MegaCorp Bookstore #12674.  Don’t believe it?  Check the research.

And, of course, there’s the whole What-Simply-Feels-Better thing?  Having a cup of coffee and warmly chatting up books with a friend while browsing the well-worn aisles of your local independent bookstore, or laming it out with a hoard of faceless MallDorks inside MegaCorp Bookstore #12674?  (Clearly, not that I have any opinion one way or another)

If you want to pledge your support and help support your community in this time of financial strain, you can check in on the international buy indie day Facebook page.  Of course, doing is better than pledging, so you can find independent bookstores near you here and here.

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