The Internet is Made of Cats!

Are you stressed, feeling let down, or having a bad day?

Well, one thing that always makes my day better is CATS! Being a cat lover, the act of just looking at the simple image of a kitty can send me into a state of relaxation and joy. I love walking in the door after I get home from work, and my sweet male kitty (Sir Barrel Didymus) comes running to me, snuggling me, welcoming me home. Merely petting him and hearing his purr can shed all the struggles of life away. He is my glass of wine, he is my vacation, he is my everything.

If you are a cat person like me, your bookshelf may look like the library of a cat addict. I love collecting books about cats and reading them to my sweet kitty when we sit down together. So if you are not allergic, or a cat hater, then read on for a selection of books that sellers have listed at that star the furry friends we call family.

My kitty provides me a glorious amount of calm and mediation from just petting and brushing him. The following titles I have read are just adorable and insightful to the power of zen that comes naturally to cats:

And of course, on this kitty-centric blog below are listings of RARE cat books I dream about.

I hope these kitty titles find good homes and make you purr. As the saying goes, the internet is made of cats and cats are made of awesome. MEOW!

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