Brief notes from the San Francisco book fair

This past weekend, Stephen and I had the good fortune to attend the ABAA international book fair in San Francisco.

Although a dreary weekend in the bay area (fortunately there was an REI store across from the convention center where I could procure a new pair of SmartWool socks to replace those sacrificed to the 2 mile hotel->convention center hike), the insides of the fair were much nicer – and a bit sunnier.

Of the booksellers we talked to, reactions to the success of the event were mixed, as always, but in general a little more upbeat than I’d have expected. Admittedly, it may be that expectations were low after November’s ABAA fair in Boston which was nothing more than an existential haze of dust jackets and customers with pockets turned inside out. If Boston was Albert Camus, then San Francisco was at least Fyodor Dostoevsky.

We didn’t get as much time as we would have like to wander about and drool on the merchandise as we were helping to staff the ABAA booth with Susan and Annie from ABAA – as well as Luke, Mat, and Alan from Bibliopolis – talking to booksellers about the recent news that Bibliopolis and will be building and hosting a new e-commerce site for the ABAA (something we’re really excited about doing!). Special thanks to Susan and the ABAA for the opportunity to be there!

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