gets a new skin for a new year

For those who haven’t noticed yet, we’ve quietly rolled out a little 2009 polish on  That image on the side, by the way, is taken from a very cool WPA library poster.

The main changes, of course, are cosmetic, but we’ve also made the following improvements:

  • Better page load time – the new look downloads in about half the time as before
  • Better standards compliance.  This means better functionality for users and a site better able to serve search engine bots with content.
  • “Search within a search” – You can now use a keywords field to search within a search
  • Search by condition.
  • And a couple of other things we’ll leave to be discovered!

We invite you to check it out, and any feedback is more than welcome!

Also, for those planning on attending the SF book fair this weekend, Stephen and I hope to see you there!

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