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Bookish News: BiblioWorks!

BiblioWorks is raising money for their annual literacy festival, Sucre Reads! Every dollar helps to purchase books, to get transportation for students to visit the city in the festival, and to make sure that everyone learns more about the love of reading. Even if you

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Francois Truffaut and Eric Rohmer, two filmmakers from the French New Wave period, are of particular interest to the readers among us because they were both so literary in their concerns. Truffaut’s most famous film, Jules et Jim, is based on the novel of the

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Don’t Miss the Philadelphia Book Fair!

For the first time in several years, book lovers have a big reason to flock back to Philly. The Philadelphia Book & Ephemera Fair will take place Friday and Saturday, May 21 and 22, 2010. “This is the only major vintage Book & Ephemera event

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The Magic Lantern

Did you know that Ingmar Bergman first thought to make films as a consolation for punishment?

Film’s Books

As the saying  goes, the book is  better than the film. This is usually the case. There are times when both are good. There are times when the film is better. Sometimes, though, they are both great, and maintain their formal integrity as a book

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Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

I’ve just returned to Asheville from Buffalo, NY where I attended this years Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. Organized by Buffalo artist/poet/printer Chris Fritton, “the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair is a regional one day event that brings booksellers, authors, bookmakers, zinesters, small presses, artists,

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Song of the Open Rd.

In my traveling days, I enjoyed most  the visits to used bookstores in the towns I was in for a day, a week, or more. Going  from my origin in Boston to the Northwest by bus or train, I would visit shops whenever I had

Some Good News for Independent Bookstores in the New Economy mentioned a heartening story from the Boston Globe about an independent brick and mortar bookstore in Coolidge Corner, Massachusetts that is succeeding in the face of direct competition from a major national chain rival. Maybe this is an isolated case, but I tend to

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Of Spam and the River

Going through some emails today, it seems I came upon some vague traces of a lost Hemingway novel. The epistolary, straight from the gun style, humbly disguised under this heading: cause that would make me happy. me, 1982. I can’t think of a character named

WSJ calls Google book scanning settlement a “rip-off for authors”

The Wall Street Journal is running a well-written and persuasive editorial strongly against the Google book scanning settlement, calling it a “rip-off” for authors.  The author warns that we are all on track to become “Google’s data-entry slaves”  and that it turns authors “into fully