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Written versus spoken books

I had a chat the other day with a colleague about audio books. It turns out we’re both longtime listeners to books on tape, and now books on CD. I got started years ago when my job required a longish commute, and I tired of

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New issue of BiblioUnbound is out!

The June issue of BiblioUnbound, our customer e-zine, was released today. This month, we focused on the paperback: why we love it, why we hate it, how to collect it and preserve it. It was a really fun issue to put together, and I hope

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The Spies of Warsaw

I just got my copy of Alan Furst’s new novel, The Spies of Warsaw. There are only a handful of authors whose next work I actively pine for, but Furst is definitely at the top of the list. He refers to his series of Night

Declining economy = increasing readership?

According to a brief article in the Chicago Post-Tribune, libraries in Lake County and Porter County Illinois are seeing a surge in circulations and a rise in patronage, owing, in part to the current economy. Its terrific to hear news such as this, since libraries

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Summer Reading

Publishers are convinced that readers want unsubstantial books for summer reading, but I’m not sure where that comes from. Sure, winter’s cloistered depths are a great time to read Kafka and Tolstoy, huddled under heavy blankets locked in cold rooms inside, but who says that