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Free rare book room listings for booksellers

The Rare Book Room on Biblio has always been one of my personal favorite features of the site. After years of being surfeited by the piles of “Acceptable” condition books on the internet these days, the Rare Book Room is a place of beauty and

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Scholarship for 2009 Antiquarian Book Seminar available! is offering a full-ride scholarship to one Lucky Bibliophile to the 2009 Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar ($1195) and free listing fees for one year and a donation of $500 to the winner’s literacy charity of choice. As mentioned in a previous post, now is

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Used Books Recession Proof?

Chris Volk at Bookfever has put together an interesting, short survey of booksellers and how the recession is affecting them. To summarize: booksellers are reporting average sales 10.6% lower than the prior year. On Biblio, we’re definitely seeing used book sales weaker than we anticipated

Brief notes from the San Francisco book fair

This past weekend, Stephen and I had the good fortune to attend the ABAA international book fair in San Francisco. Although a dreary weekend in the bay area (fortunately there was an REI store across from the convention center where I could procure a new

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I Shall Buy Books on Ebay No More Forever

I don’t understand the bookseller who advertises a book club edition as the first edition, but I’ve fallen for it twice. Too much in a hurry for a deal, twice I’ve found Ebay auctions for one of my favorite modern firsts and believed the description

Booksellers penalized by credit card industry

We’ve been receiving increasing reports from booksellers that they have been receiving somewhat menacing letters  regarding PCI compliance from credit card processors, listing all the potential penalities for non-compliance, such as the following excerpt from one such letter: Not terribly startling, except this is the

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Big Box Brick and Mortar Singin’ the Blues

Last week, Barnes & Noble CEO Leonard Riggio released sang a dire song for his employees, citing: Never in all of the years I’ve been in business have I seen a worse outlook for the economy. And never in all my years as a bookseller

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What’s in a book?

Anyone who’s ever worked in a bookstore has stories to tell of the bizarre stuff they find in books. Sometimes you’ll find funny pictures of people in outdated clothing (usually stuck inside of yesterday’s bestseller thriller), receipts for the purchase of the book (boring), dollar