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Tips for Saving Money on Textbooks

I was once a poor student like yourself. To save up enough cash for Ramen noodles, a Netflix subscription and tickets to my favorite music venues, I had to get pretty creative with my textbook expenses. What I learned is that there are plenty of

BookHound 7ce: Free Bookstore Software for Windows XP and Vista has partnered with Bibliopolis to offer booksellers BookHound 7ce (Community Edition) for Windows XP and Vista operating systems. This release is available starting today, and will offer booksellers a new option for free inventory management software. To download the Windows version of BookHound 7ce,

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New issue of BiblioUnbound is out!

The June issue of BiblioUnbound, our customer e-zine, was released today. This month, we focused on the paperback: why we love it, why we hate it, how to collect it and preserve it. It was a really fun issue to put together, and I hope

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Confessions of a negligent hop farmer

The last book I bought on was The Homebrewer’s Garden. This time of year I love nothing better than watching hops grow. I’m convinced that if I had the patience or the time I could actually see the vine moving during peak growth. A

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Who writes this stuff?

Yesterday our e-mail queues were assaulted by several e-mails which we believe to be pranks. Please see a sampling below and let us know if you have any clues about the perpetrator… “i think you guys should have a mascot or something: BiblioMan. and he

Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar scholarship available

Just a reminder that is still accepting applications from booksellers to receive a scholarship to attend the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar this August. Complete details are available at the previous link, but in a nutshell, we’re looking for a bookseller whose work or business

Free inventory software for booksellers

We’ve long meant to get a blog up and running, and the latest announcement from and Bibliopolis gives us the perfect scoop to get moving…. And, that scoop is that Bibliopolis, builder of custom websites for booksellers, has partnered with us at to

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Becoming collectible…

Our friends over at Downtown Books & News, a great local bookstore here in Asheville, have posted our 2007 holiday card for sale at The asking price? $50 with free shipping. Its hard to believe its still available – at least as of