Spam for breakfast

It’s the beginning of the work day, and the first job for the day is going through the hundreds of new emails to get rid of spam.  The volume of Spam email that manages to get through the spam filters is amazing.  I’ve become a connoisseur of sales pitches in broken English, and a collector of surreal word salad poetry written to get a sales pitch past spam filters.

I’ve read every variation on deposed dictators fortunes needing to get out of the country, every pitch for discount viagra, read about every herbal concoction that promises to add inches.  The variety is awe inspiring.

One thought on “Spam for breakfast”

  1. jim says:

    Yeah, I was a pixel-stained spam-filter technopeasant for a while once upon a time. I really hated it. I think the worst part was that reading a bunch of spam gave me a dark view of human nature. They would try to prey on any weakness or insecurity.

    Not to plug the Goog too much, but gmail does a good job with spam. One of my friends who’s pretty tech literate admitted to forwarding all his other mail accounts thru gmail just to cut the spam.

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