Books on my nightstand…

The following books are on my nightstand, all currently being read. What can I say? I like to mix things up, depending on my mood:

What books are currently on your nightstand?

One thought on “Books on my nightstand…”

  1. Fran O'Neill says:

    I, too, have a pile going all the time. Current pile has:

    An Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

    “the Bishop & the Beggar girl of St. Germain” by Andrew Greeley (re-reading this one)

    “The Catholic Myth” by Andrew Greeley
    (does this give you a clue that I’m an Andrew Greeley fan – both his novels and his scholarly works.)

    “Ideas and Integrities” by Buckminster Fuller

    “Ghosts: Ohio’s Haunted Landscape, Lost Arts & Forgotten Places” by Randy McNutt

    I’ll probably gulp down another dozen mysteries before I finish the non-fiction which I tend to read a chapter at at time.

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